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ROCS Applicant Guide

Thank you for your interest in working at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey! Here you will find a step-by-step application guide to ease your application process. This step-by-step application guide will walk you through how to create an account, search and bookmark a position, submit an application, and subscribe to our weekly job digest.

  1. Navigate to https://jobs.rutgers.edu/

  2. If you already have an applicant account, please log in and skip to step [5]. If you do not have an applicant account, please click on “Create Account” located in the navigation menu on the home page:
    Step 2 Image

  3. On the following screen please select the green “Create account” button. Please fill in all the required fields to complete account creation:
    Step 3

  4. Once an account is created and you are logged in, the home menu will contain additional options. The user will now be able to view bookmarked postings, view all current/draft applications, add documents, and update account settings/demographic information:
    Step 4 Image

  5. To search for available postings a user will click on the search jobs button:
    Step 5 Image

  6. The following page will show all available postings. To narrow down the search results you may use the search feature using parameters such as keywords, posting number, job category, etc. A user should click the ‘search’ button to update the search results:
    Step 6 Image

  7. While a user browses the job board, they may click on the “View Details” button to see more information about the posting or the “Bookmark” button to add the posting to their profile’s bookmarks:
    Step 7 Image

  8. On a posting’s details page a user will see all the relevant information about the posting. To apply to a job a user should click on “Apply for this job”:
    Step 8 Image

  9. When filling out an application a user should complete all fields marked with a (*) red asterisk. When a page is completed a user should select the “Save & Continue” button to continue to the next section of the application. A user may also use the drop-down menu to navigate to a specific section of the application:
    Step 9 Image

  10. Once you navigate through all the sections you will reach a section titled check for errors and submit. If everything Is complete you will get all green check marks. At the end of the page you can hit certify and submit.

  11. When all sections have been completed a user must certify and submit their application. Once submitted a confirmation code will appear on the screen and you will receive an email confirmation as well.

  12. A user can check the status of their applications by clicking on “Your Applications” in the navigation menu:
    Step 12 Image

  13. If you would like to sign up for our weekly job digest, please select the link at the bottom of the page. The job digest sends out a list of new postings each week to its subscribers.
    Step 13 Image